IKEA Alexandra

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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Alexandra in Singapore lies an iconic Swedish haven that transcends mere retail—it’s an experiential journey through the realms of design, functionality, and innovation. IKEA Alexandra stands as a testament to the brand’s ethos: making beautifully designed furniture and home essentials accessible to all.


Upon stepping into the store, visitors are immediately greeted by the familiar scent of Swedish meatballs wafting from the bustling restaurant—a precursor to the sensory adventure that awaits. The store's layout, a labyrinthine path through meticulously curated room setups, invites patrons to envision their ideal living spaces. From cozy bedrooms that beckon restful slumber to kitchen displays brimming with culinary inspiration, each section transports guests into a world of possibilities.


Interactivity is key at IKEA Alexandra. Shoppers are encouraged to touch, feel, and test the merchandise, fostering an immersive shopping experience. Alongside the aisles housing flat-packed furniture and stylish home accessories, a bustling marketplace teems with an array of smaller items, beckoning with its colourful displays and affordable delights. Friendly staff members, adorned in the iconic blue and yellow uniforms, readily assist with their knowledge, guiding customers through the myriad of choices.


Families find solace in Småland, the supervised play area for children—a sanctuary where parents can shop without worry while their little ones engage in creative play. Meanwhile, aroma of freshly brewed coffee from the café serves as a beacon for tired feet seeking respite while others truly delve into the Swedish cuisine by indulging in IKEA’s famed Swedish meatballs and wash it down with lingonberry juice, replenishing their energy for the remainder of their furniture shopping journey.


Navigating through the store, patrons encounter a haven for DIY enthusiasts. Alongside each product, informative signage and brochures elucidate the simplicity of assembly, empowering customers to envision the final product in their own homes. For those burdened by the logistical challenge of transporting their purchases, IKEA's delivery and assembly services offer a seamless solution. Whether it's a modest decorative piece or an entire room's worth of furnishings, customers can arrange for hassle-free delivery and expert assembly at their convenience.


As dusk descends and the store's lights shimmer, visitors leave, laden with flat-packed treasures and inspired visions for their living spaces. The IKEA experience transcends a mere shopping trip; it's a voyage through design innovation, sustainability, and the essence of a Swedish ethos—simplicity, functionality, and affordability for all.


The IKEA store in Alexandra, Singapore, isn’t just a retail outlet; it's a sanctuary where design dreams take flight, leaving an indelible mark on every visitor—a true testament to the brand's global legacy. This portrayal encapsulates the essence of what an IKEA store in Alexandra, Singapore, might offer, blending elements of exploration, functionality, and the brand's commitment to sustainable innovation.


IKEA Alexandra's Kitchen Planning Section

IKEA Alexandra has had a new addition to their accessibility efforts in the store, catered towards the hearing impaired. Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant users can find a Hearing Loop System at the store’s Kitchen Planning Section, whereby they would be able to benefit from the system by switching their Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implants to the Telecoil mode – from there, they will be able to hear and communication better with the Kitchen Specialist.


The store isn’t merely a marketplace; it’s a hub of sustainability and innovation. Displays highlighting eco-friendly initiatives and space-saving solutions echo IKEA's commitment to a greener future. Recycling stations and information booths educate visitors on the brand's dedication to minimizing its environmental footprint. Apart from that, IKEA is already heading towards a future to be more inclusive by implementing accessibility features that can greatly benefit those who need them from those who are wheelchair bound to those who have hearing impairment.


Termination and Commissioning of Induction Loop Systems

After the installation of an induction loop, be it a multiloop or a fixed counter loop system, proper termination is required and followed by commissioning of the system with the AV System as a whole before handing over to the end users.



Proper termination of cables from the induction loop system is crucial to ensure that the induction loop system as a whole, is functioning correctly and is performing optimally.


These factors are crucial for proper termination;

  1. Ensuring loop medium is correctly routed and secured, minimizing the risk of damages or interference.
  2. Making precise connections between loop medium and amplifier which may include soldering or using dedicated connectors to the amplifier.
  3. Verifying the integrity of the connections by conducting tests to ensure proper signal continuity of the induction loop system.
  4. Proper grounding of induction loop system to prevent unwanted interference.


Commissioning of induction loop systems is the final stage of the installation process, where the system’s functionality and performance are tested.


Tests that will be done during the Commissioning of the induction loop system would include checking of Signal/Field Strength, Frequency Response and uniform coverage of the induction loop system.


  1. Background Noise Test – To ensure that the Magnetic background noise generated by other equipment like a generator or mains wiring does not affect the performance of the induction loop system.
    1. Readings should not be higher than -32dB.
  1. Signal/Field Strength Test – To determine the system’s output level, ensuring that it complies with the IEC 60118-4 Standards so that hearing aid and cochlear implant users would have a comfortable experience.
    1. For parameter loops and multiloops systems, readings should be between ±3dB.
    2. For counter loops, readings should be ±6dB to comply with the IEC 60118-4 standards.
      1. If it does not meet passing requirements, adjustments on the amplifier have to be made until it achieves passing results.
  1. Frequency Response – To assess the system’s ability to reproduce audio frequencies that are clear and audible. This is where Metal Loss Compensation in the amplifier plays a huge role to compensate for the cancellation of loop signal to a certain degree due to Metal Loss.
    1. Results should be showing a Flat Frequency Response reading as much as possible for both the High and Low Frequencies of 100Hz and 5kHz respectively.
    2. Optimal results would be in the range of ±3dB of 1kHz for both frequencies.
  1. Signal/Field Strength Test – To re-test the system’s output signal after adjusting the Metal Loss Control to overcome the Metal Loss.
    1. For perimeter loops and multiloop systems, readings should be between ±3dB to comply with IEC 60118-4 standards.
    2. For counter loops systems, readings should be ±6dB to comply with the IEC 60118-4 standards.
  1. Live Test – To ensure that the current settings applied on the amplifier is within the comfortable listening range and still within the IEC 60118-4 Standards when an audio source is playing either via Line Input or Microphone.
    1. Readings should be between -6dB and +3dB for counter loop systems and Multiloop systems.
  1. Uniform Coverage of induction loop system – To ensure that there is a consistent signal quality, clarity and no “humming noise” throughout the coverage area.


Fine-tuning of the system amplifier would be required to optimize the performance as per end user requirements and also to meet and comply to the IEC 60118-4 Standards.


Once the commissioning process is completed, a Certificate Of Confirmation will be issued as a form of verification that the induction loop system is ready for use.

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Children's Museum Singapore

Featured Project

Children's Museum Singapore

Children's Museum Singapore

Children's Museum Singapore @ https://www.facebook.com/childrensmuseumsingapore/

Formerly the Singapore Philatelic Museum, The Children’s Museum Singapore sports a colorful exterior façade, is a venue of wonder and joyful learning, dedicated for children ages 12 years old and below. As its tagline suggest, “Start with Wonder”, brings about to introduce a museum for young visitors and their families to their museum-going experience. It is a place for children to sustain and nurture their sense of curiosity to explore, experiment and facilitate a safe and conducive environment for learning through play.


Supported by educators and industry professionals who provided beneficial input to as part of the museum’s strategy to impart and develop life skills to their young visitors. The museum frequents partnering with interested researchers by organising educational programmes in collaboration with educators throughout the year to cater to children of varying age groups and abilities.


With interactive galleries carefully curated throughout the museum, children of all ages can expect their senses to be stimulated, curiosity evoked and motivated to learn. One hands-on exhibit invites children to participate in tying a reef knot or activating a water pump and will also catch a whiff of aromatic spices which reflects the stories of Singapore’s early migrants and settlers who shape and built Singapore through difficult times and how they overcame it – imparting the value of resilience and unity to forge a new nation to the children.


The Listening Lab is honored to have implemented a Hearing Loop Systems for Children’s Museum Singapore. Museum-goers wearing Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implants can enjoy the benefits of the Hearing Loop System at the Museum’s Reception/Ticket Counter. Hearing aid or Cochlear Implant users can simply switch to the ‘Telecoil’ setting to hear the receptionist for better communication. If their Telecoil mode is not configured or properly set-up, please do advise them to consult their audiologist for assistance.

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