Difference between Induction Loop Systems, Digital FM Solutions, Infrared Solutions

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Induction loop systems use electromagnetic fields to transmit audio from a microphone or other audio source to a hearing aid or cochlear implant. The hearing aid or implant must have a Telecoil or often referred ...

Installing Induction Loop Systems in Singapore

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An Induction Loop System, or a Hearing Loop System, is a specialized audio system that uses electromagnetic energy to transmit sound directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants. This system is designed to assist individuals with hearing loss better understanding ...

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How Induction Loop Systems are More Superior to FM or IR Systems

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Learn why induction loop systems are superior to FM or IR systems for both the venues and hearing aid users. Discover the benefits of this cutting-edge technology today.

Enhancement Systems in Schools and Universities

The Benefits of Installing Hearing Enhancement Systems in Schools and Universities

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When planning renovations or restructuring for a school or university, one should consider installing a Hearing Enhancement System. This system operates in the background and increases the clarity and quality of an input sound source for individuals who use a personal hearing aid or ...

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Do We Really Need Hearing Loops?

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Why would anyone invested in hearing aids or cochlear implants require anything more than their devices? Don't hearing aids mend a hearing issue like prescription eyeglasses can provide better vision?

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Why are Induction Hearing Loops important?

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Hearing loop systems are answers for assistive listening, providing access to high-quality discernible sound for hard-of-hearing individuals. Why are hearing loops critical? The methods are beneficial to those with hearing loss, and the need for them is rapidly growing around the world.

Infrared Hearing System

How Does an Infrared Hearing System Work?

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What is an infrared (IR) hearing system? IR hearing system is an assistive audio system to communicate with deaf and hard-of-hearing people. It is a popular option for an induction loop system. A standard system consists of an infrared ...

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Hearing Loops: Are They Better than Infrared or FM?

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Frequency modulation (FM), like in radio and Infrared (IF), similar to a TV remote, has been the traditional form of assistive listening and communication for many years. Both systems are inexpensive compared to a loop system, but neither gives a satisfactory experience like a Loop System.

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Where are Audio Induction Loops used?

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Hearing loops can benefit those hard of hearing in multiple environments, from large venues such as theatres and conference rooms to teaching areas, meeting spaces, and one-to-one transmissions such as reception desks and ticketing counters.

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What is a Hearing Loop?

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Hearing loss is quite common in Singapore. It affects as many as 360,000 persons, and with the aging population, it is expected to increase. Now, more than ever, there are more hearing aid users, as 1 in 11 Singaporeans have hearing loss.