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Committed to our purpose

The Listening Lab is the fastest growing audiology retail-chain in the Southeast Asia region, starting from just a single center in 2017 to become ten centers with a vision to double its presence by 2022.

Founded by industry veteran Kelvin Lee with nearly 20 years of management experience in audiology, The Listening Lab has quickly become a mainstay in the area of providing Hearing Enhancement Systems in the region.

Hearing Enhancement Systems help the average hearing impaired person using hearing aids, hear very much better in a public environment. The reason for this is because signal-to-noise ratios are greatly increased when using a hearing enhancement system.

The Listening Lab understands this intimately as we are the only audiology retail chain in the business of implementing hearing enhancement systems in buildings. We understand what the users are going through and how a good system helps the hearing aid user cope so much better. We also understand the requirements and expectations of building owners and designers to deliver an integrated, hassle-free solution.


years of combined experience


Our solutions include Audio Induction Loop systems from Ampetronic - the world's leading loop induction company - FM Solutions from top technology providers such as Bellman & Symfon and the Sonova Group as well as Infrared Technology from the leading provider in the world, Listen Technologies.

The Listening Lab Group is the fastest growing hearing care provider in Southeast Asia and has 10 locations in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. We look forward to serving you.

We like to do more

With a team of nearly 50 years of combined experience, we have continuously delivered top quality solutions in hearing enhancement systems for esteemed clients such as National University of Singapore, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sembcorp Marine, Changi Airport Group, Resorts World Sentosa and Madame Tussauds.


We champion initiatives to bring the knowledge and understanding of hearing to our communities via our outreach programs.

Our professionals have the education, expertise and experience to provide a  range of hearing solutions from hearing aids, implants, building enhancement systems and listening therapy.

Regardless of the age, severity of losses and hearing difficulties faced, we are here to help you hear and most importantly, listen well.

With life-time aftercare and aural rehabilitation programs. The Listening Lab is here to walk with you, hand in hand, on your life's listening journey.


We aspire to improve the experience of hearing in all of our clients and improve their listening skills.