The Frontier Community Club

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The Frontier Community Club

The Frontier Community Club, situated within walking distance from Boon Lay MRT Station and Jurong Point Shopping Centre, is a vibrant hub that encapsulates the essence of community bonding and engagement. With fostering a sense of togetherness among residents in mind, this dynamic Community Centre has become an integral part of the neighbourhood.


At Frontier Community Club - diversity thrives. The centre hosts a wide array of activities and events that cater to all age groups and interests. From fitness classes that keep the young and young-at-heart active, to cultural workshops that celebrate Singapore's rich heritage, there's something for everyone. Children can enjoy educational programs and play areas, while adults can explore lifelong learning opportunities.


What sets Frontier Community Club apart is its commitment to inclusivity. The facility is wheelchair-accessible, ensuring that everyone can participate in its offerings. Moreover, the centre actively engages with seniors, promoting intergenerational activities that bridge gaps and foster meaningful connections.


This bustling hub encourages social interactions, forging lasting friendships among neighbours. The cheerful staff is always ready to assist and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. They frequently organize community events, ranging from festivals and exhibitions to informative seminars, which serve as a platform for residents to bond and exchange ideas.


The Frontier Community Club serves as a testament to the power of community in bringing people closer. It's more than just a place; it's a haven where individuals come together to celebrate their differences and shared experiences, ultimately making the neighbourhood a better place to live.


The Listening Lab is proud to have implemented Hearing Loop Systems at Frontier Community Club’s retractable chair located in Frontier CC’s Multi-Purpose Room 2 located at Level 3. Retractable chairs are capable of being folded and retracted to wall at the rear of the wall when not in use to allow for an open space for other uses. Hearing aid or Cochlear Implant users can simply switch to the ‘Telecoil’ setting to enjoy the full benefits of the Hearing loop system has to offer. If their Telecoil mode is not configured or properly set-up, please do advise them to consult their audiologist for assistance.

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Asian Civilisation Museum

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Asian Civilisation Museum

The Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore is an immersive journey through the diverse cultures that shape Asia's rich heritage. Housed in a majestic neoclassical building along the Singapore River, this museum is a treasure trove of artistic, religious, and historical artifacts spanning centuries.


Visitors are transported through time as they explore galleries dedicated to various civilizations across Asia, from the intricate artistry of ancient China to the spiritual depth of Indian religions. The museum's exhibits vividly showcase the interconnectedness of cultures through trade, migration, and shared ideologies. Marvel at the exquisite ceramics, sculptures, textiles, and jewelry, each piece narrating tales of craftsmanship and cultural exchange. Interactive displays and multimedia presentations breathe life into history, allowing visitors to delve deeper into the significance of each artifact.


The museum's commitment to education is evident in its engaging programs and workshops catering to diverse audiences, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Asia's multifaceted heritage. Special exhibitions frequently grace its halls, offering fresh perspectives on regional histories and contemporary issues. With its thought-provoking displays and commitment to cultural understanding, the Asian Civilisation Museum stands as a beacon of enlightenment, inviting visitors to embark on a captivating odyssey through the vibrant tapestry of Asia's civilizations.


The Listening Lab is honored to have implemented a Hearing Loop System for Asian Civilisation Museum. Museum-goers wearing Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implants can enjoy the benefits of the Hearing Loop System at the Museum’s Reception Counter. Hearing aid or Cochlear Implant users can simply switch to the ‘Telecoil’ setting to hear the receptionist for better communication. If their Telecoil mode is not configured or properly set-up, please do advise them to consult their audiologist for assistance.


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Elevate the level of accessibility in your environment. Contact us today at +65 6817 5100 or send your enquiry here and learn more about how we can help you create inclusive and accessible environment with Hearing Loop System in Singapore.


Unveiling the Diversity of Loop Mediums used for Induction Loop Systems

Induction Loop Systems (ILS) or Hearing Enhancement Systems (HES) have revolutionised accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments, offering a direct and efficient way to transmit audio signals to hearing aids and cochlear implants. At the heart of these systems lie loop mediums – crucial components that facilitate the transmission of audio signals from the audio source to the telecoil found in hearing aids and cochlear implants. Here, we’ll delve into the array of loop mediums shaping the landscape of induction Loop Systems or Hearing Enhancement Systems:

1. Direct Burial Cable (DBC)


Direct Burial Cable loops are one of the most widely used loop medium for Induction Loop Systems or Hearing Enhancement Systems. It has copper wires – an excellent electrical conductor, making it an ideal material for transmitting audio signals. Direct Burial Cable loops are typically installed in a series of arrays of a room or venue, inducing magnetic field that is picked up by telecoil-enabled Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implants and then converted into audio signals.


The insulation for Direct Burial Cables are able to resist the corrosive alkali effects present in cement and concrete. Hence, these loops can be installed within the screed layer and without the need for additional conduits or protective casings, reducing installation time and labour.


DBCs have a max outer diameter of 5mm, which contributes to space efficiency and eliminates the sight of visible wires or cables. This feature is advantageous in environments where aesthetics and space management are crucial such as theatres, museums, places of worship and hospitals since the Installation of DBCs is dependent on the type of floor finishing and venue.


  • Floor finishings: If the final floor finishings are tiles, vinyl or timber wood flooring, then it would be most practical to opt for DBC installation since it will be embedded in the screed or underneath the timber wood panels.
  • Venue: Installation of DBC would be most suitable when the venue or area is levelled throughout. It would not be practical for DBCs to be installed for tiered seatings as it would be difficult to secure to the rebars before the screed is poured. Even if the tiered seats are pre-existing, it would be less cost-effective and time-consuming to have to cut grooves or channels to lay the DBCs into and screed over to cover.

2. Flat Copper Tape (FCT)


Flat copper tape loops are another popular choice for loop mediums. Instead of using Direct Burial Cables, flat copper tape is utilized, which offers flexibility and ease of installation.


The Flat Copper Tape is typically adhered to the protective layer of Duct Tape to prevent any damages to the insulation which may result in an electrical short or even an open circuit. Following that, a layer of Blue Text and Hearing Loop Logo on White Printed Warning Tape is applied, which provides an indication to carpet and vinyl fitters to avoid cutting the Flat Copper Tape.


Flat copper tape loops are particularly suitable for retrofitting existing spaces, as they can be discreetly installed beneath carpeting without major modifications. The thin profile of the tape makes it less noticeable and reduces tripping hazards. Although slightly more prone to damage than Direct Burial Cables Loops, proper installation and maintenance and coordination is critical to ensure optimal performance.

3. Pre-Formed Loops


Pre-formed loops consist of loop conductors that come in various shapes and sizes, designed to fit specific applications or venues. These loop mediums are typically made from flexible copper wire and are pre-formed into specific shapes, such as rectangle or square to match the layout an area, usually a counter setting like an information counter or ticketing counter. Pre-formed loops offer convenience and ease of installation. Pre-formed or counter loops are commonly used when a Hearing aid or Cochlear implant user would like to communicate to the staff directly one-on-one. In addition to that, it offers a certain degree of privacy since the loop is directed towards the hearing aid user that is standing within range of the counter loop while those who are not, would not be able to pick up the signal and eavesdrop on sensitive information.




Understanding loop mediums is a critical component of hearing enhancement systems utilizing magnetic induction technology. Direct Burial Cable, flat copper tapes and pre-formed loops offer various options to cater to different installation requirements and venue layouts. Each type of loop medium has its advantages and considerations, depending on factors such as room size, installation feasibility, portability needs, and specific user requirements. By understanding the characteristics and applications of these loop mediums, designers and installers can select the most suitable option to ensure effective and inclusive communication for individuals with hearing loss.


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