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Since its inauguration in 2002, Esplanade Theatres on the Bay has captivated audiences with its distinctive twin shells, earning the moniker “The Durian” among locals. More than just a venue for performances, Esplanade embodies the spirit of creativity, innovation, and inclusivity, offering a diverse array of world-class productions and immersive experience for all.


From now to October 2025, Esplanade Theatres are undergoing upgrading works in phases, for their performance venues. One of the key components that Esplanade Theatres are looking to upgrade are their existing Infra-Red (IR) Systems catered for patrons who have hearing impairment. With that, Esplanade Theatres got in touch with the Top AV System Integrator in Southeast Asia, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd who introduced The Listening Lab to be part of the upgrading works to upgrade Esplanade Theatre’s existing IR System by proposing an FM System that is more robust.


Esplanade Theatre
Esplanade Theatre


Esplanade Theatres’ AV Team had requested a demonstration of the FM System as a proof of concept and to witness and experience the performance of the proposed solution. Upon arrival to Esplanade Theatres, the AV Team was greeted by a pocket-sized Transmitter and the immediate response was a mix of skepticism and amazement. Nevertheless, the curiosity to push the FM System to its limit, the AV Team has decided to put it the FM System to the test by having it set up in their largest performance venue space, The Theatre – modelled on traditional horseshoe-shaped performance arenas, it is capable of housing 1948 audiences. Needless to say, the FM System proved its capabilities and this pathed a way leading to a real-life test and further evaluation with a live performance and audience.


Coincidentally, there was an Opera performance that was scheduled a month away from the day that the demonstration was carried out, and this was the perfect event to showcase the performance of the FM System. A group of existing Hearing Aid users who already have their Telecoil component enabled, consisting of users from a mixed demographic of age groups have been reached out and were offered to be part of the audience to enjoy the show while utilizing the FM System and provide their feedbacks of their experience at the end of the performance.


On the actual day of the Opera Performance, Hearing Aid users with the Telecoil component and function enabled were issued a set of FM Receiver, consisting of a Neckloop, to be worn around their neck, connected to a receiver that has already been paired to the transmitter and connected to the Line Audio from the venue’s audio system. Audiences who were issued with the FM Receiver had to set their Hearing Aids to the Telecoil Setting and communication between the Hearing Aids with the Neckloop is via magnetic field which is picked up by the Telecoil and converted to audio.


To top it off, during the 20-minute Intermission period and at the end of the performance, the staff from The Listening Lab had met with the participants and learnt that they were seated at different locations of the Theatre and all of them gave feedbacks that the opera performance has been enjoyable and importantly, the audio received from the FM Transceiver to the Receiver and to their Hearing Aids have been nothing but crisp and clear, giving confidence to Esplanade Theatres that this FM System meets and fulfil their requirements.


Dennis Hearing Aid Participant

Dennis with the Staff from The Listening Lab

“The performance so far has been amazing and thanks to the T-coil and the FM System, it further enhanced my experience!” – Dennis, Hearing Aid participant


Since then, Esplanade Theatres has started implementing the tried-and-tested FM System, starting with the newly upgraded 245-seater Recital Studio and more venues to come by October 2025.