Angullia Mosque

Featured Project

Angullia Mosque, located in Little India is one of the oldest mosque in Singapore. It was built in 1890 by the late merchant and philanthropist Mohammad Salleh Eusoff Angullia. It was officially opened on 14th of February 2020. After upgraded, the mosque now will be able to accommodate 2,500 worshippers up from 1,500 previously.


The Listening Lab is honoured to be the installer for induction loop system for this mosque. The induction loop systems are located at the following areas:

  • L1 Information Counter
  • L2 Prayer Hall
  • L3 Ladies Prayer Hall

Masjid Angullia, yang terletak di Little India adalah salah satu masjid tertua di Singapura. Masjid ini dibina pada tahun 1890 oleh mendiang saudagar dan dermawan Mohammad Salleh Eusoff Angullia. Ia dibuka secara rasmi pada 14 Februari 2020. Selepas dinaik taraf, masjid ini kini mampu menampung 2,500 jemaah berbanding 1,500 jemaah sebelum ini.


The Listening Lab berbesar hati untuk menjadi pemasang 'induction loop system' bagi masjid ini. Sistem tersebut terletak di kawasan berikut:

  • L1 Kaunter Maklumat / Informasi
  • L2 Dewan Solat
  • L3 Dewan Solat Wanita