Installing Induction Loop Systems in Singapore

Conference Room

An Induction Loop System, or a Hearing Loop System, is a specialized audio system that uses electromagnetic energy to transmit sound directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants. This system is designed to assist individuals with hearing loss better understanding speech and other sounds in various settings, including public spaces, homes, and workplaces.


An Induction Loop System consists of a loop of wire placed around a room or area and a loop amplifier that interfaces with a microphone or other audio source. The audio signal is then transmitted through the loop wire, which creates a magnetic field that can be picked up by hearing aids and cochlear implants that have a telecoil or "T-switch" setting. This setting allows the hearing aid or implant to receive the magnetic signal and convert it into sound, eliminating the need for additional devices.


Note: Only hearing Aids with a Telecoil will only be able to enjoy the Induction Loop Systems.

Pre-installation questions

Before installation, here are some of the things we will initially ask these questions to help us:

  • Floor plan - this is for us to understand the size of our work area, what would be provisioned nearer to the completion of the project, and for us to design the loop per the customer's requirement.
  • Type of floor finishing - will help us understand whether factors affect the desired or expected results, such as the high presence of metals, resulting in reduced audio signal clarity.
  • Listening Height - whether for sitting or standing, different heights will require different settings on the amplifier.
  • Audio Source Location - this will enable us to know where to start and end the loop during the installation phase.
  • Bolting points on the floor - allows us to make a more effective design and to divert away from them so that the loop does not get damaged during the installation of furniture and carpentries.

Installation time frame

A typical time frame for an Induction Loop System Installation is as follows:

  1. Training Room / Conference Room - 1 day
  2. Full Gymnasium coverage - 2 - 3 days
  3. Retractable Chairs - 3 days
  4. Full Auditorium coverage - 3 to 4 days

In conclusion, an Induction Loop System is a specialized audio system that uses electromagnetic energy to transmit sound directly to hearing aids with telecoil.


This system is designed to assist individuals with hearing loss by providing better and clearer speech and other audio sources in various settings, including public spaces, places of worship, and workplaces. With the clear and direct sound provided by the Induction Loop System, individuals with hearing loss can enjoy a better quality of life and space than regular people.


By choosing Loop Systems, you are guaranteed professionalism and great integration techniques to determine the solution with ongoing support from our dedicated and professional consultancy team.


"Customers remember the experience – not just because you complied." Our ingenious solution delivers sound clarity unparalleled by others. Our vision, quite simply, is to bring intelligible sound to life for the hearing impaired.


For more information, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at +65 6817 5100 or email You can also send us a request for a quotation.

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