How Induction Loop Systems are More Superior to FM or IR Systems

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Induction Loop System is an audio technology that supports enhanced hearing and communication for individuals with a hearing impairment.

Audio Induction Loops, occasionally called Hearing Loops, deliver an assistive listening system for individuals with hearing impairment, specifically those who use a hearing aid.

But how are Induction Loops more efficient than an FM or IR System?

  1. One of the main advantages of Induction Loops over FM and IR systems is convenience. Both the user and the venue benefit from the convenience factor. With Induction Loops, users do not need additional equipment or devices as the system directly links with the user's hearing aid or cochlear implant.
  2. Another benefit of Induction Loops is that they can be less costly than other systems like RF and IR for larger spaces. Large venues for the Loop system are more cost-effective than using IR and FM for large venues.

Take this example: Each hearing aid user requires one receiver, and the support of 100 hearing aid users will be the receiver cost multiplied by 100, which will be more expensive than the loop. While RF and IR systems cost less because buildings do not need to be modified to install them, Induction Loops can be a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

  1. Induction Loops offer a complete range throughout a venue and are less prone to interference than other systems. For example, in FM systems, the signal quality can be affected by obstacles, such as walls or people, which can cause interference.
  2. Induction Loop Systems use a magnetic field and equip hearing access the same way wherever installed. They function at airports, ticket windows for trains or buses, and service counters where passing out and getting back an IR or FM receiver is impossible.
  3. Induction Loops and IR systems offer greater privacy for users and the venue than FM systems. With FM systems, the signal can travel beyond the intended listening area and potentially be heard by others, compromising privacy.
  4. It is worth noting that the efficiency of hearing aid systems can vary based on individual needs and the specific venue or environment in which they are used. Therefore, consulting with a hearing healthcare professional is essential to determine the best assistive listening system for a particular situation.
  5. Induction Loop Systems are sanitary. There are no hygienic considerations when one uses their hearing instrument as the receiver.
  6. The induction loop system provides an intelligible sound quality, whereby the hearing aid user will be able to experience with their hearing aid that has been tuned to their unique hearing loss profile, allowing them to get the best possible experience out of the induction loop system.

With all the various benefits of hearing loop systems, why do some venues still install IR or FM systems?

  • IR and FM systems can still be less expensive than hearing loop systems, especially for smaller venues or venues with a limited budget.
  • IR and FM systems may be more compatible with existing audio systems in a venue, making installation and integration easier.
  • IR and FM systems are typically more focused than hearing loop systems, making them a better option for venues where privacy is a concern, such as courtrooms or medical facilities.
  • IR and FM systems have existed longer than hearing loop systems and may be more readily available in certain regions or countries.

Efficiently, The Listening Lab understands this intimately as we are the only audiology retail chain implementing hearing enhancement systems in buildings. We understand what the users are going through and how a sound system helps the hearing aid user cope much better. We also understand building owners' and designers' requirements and expectations to deliver an integrated, hassle-free solution.

Contact us so we can provide the necessary information for your specified requirements.

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