How Does an Infrared Hearing System Work?

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What is an infrared (IR) hearing system? IR hearing system is an assistive audio system to communicate with deaf and hard-of-hearing people. It is a popular option for an induction loop system. A standard system consists of an infrared radiator (transmitter), infrared listening receivers, and an audio source.


Receivers are usually available at the front desk of the venue, so it may be advisable for hearing aid users to contact a venue before visiting and to guarantee that staff is well-versed in how Infrared systems operate.


How do they work?

Here’s how an Infrared hearing system works in a specific venue:


  1. The infrared system (IR) input can be from a sound system, a microphone, or another audio source. They each create an electrical signal which possesses the audio input.
  2. This signal is sent to the modulator, which prepares the audio signal for the succeeding infrared (IR) transmission.
  3. The processed electrical signal is sent to the radiator. The radiator light-emitting diodes deliver the (invisible) infrared light and cast it into the room.
  4. Wireless receivers recast the infrared light signal into an electrical and audio signal (often to a personal induction loop used by a hearing aid wearer).


There's no limitation to the number of receivers who can utilize the system. Most IR systems are single-channel and operate on a radiator with an integrated modulator.


The most manageable method to consider infrared radiators is to consider them as floodlights of invisible light. There are radiators in various sizes depending on the scope of coverage and the number of channels needed. In most applications, multiple radiators guarantee even light coverage, so the user doesn't experience blind zones.


How can we help?

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