Do We Really Need Hearing Loops?

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Why would anyone invested in hearing aids or cochlear implants require anything more than their devices? Don't hearing aids mend a hearing issue like prescription eyeglasses can provide better vision?


It does not.


Today's hearing aids improve hearing in casual settings. For those with hearing loss, the sound becomes vague when loudspeakers are far away, when the context is noisy, or in rooms that resonate sound. A hearing loop magnetically transfers a microphone or TV sound signal to hearing aids and cochlear implants with an affordable "telecoil" receiver. This alters the mechanisms into in-the-ear speakers that produce sound customised for one's hearing loss.

Distance Difference

Beyond 6 feet, people generally use a Bluetooth system in their home or office to drive the audio signal from their TV or sound system straight to their hearing aid. That works in a range of up to 14 feet.


Beyond 14 feet, the space from the primary audio origin to the hearing aid is so far that it merges with the other background noises. That distance also generates reverberation and contortion boosted by the amplifier built into the hearing aid. All of that conducts to higher volume — but significantly reduces clarity and understanding for the person wearing hearing aids.


The solution in more expansive, noisy spaces: shorten the span that sound has to traverse by generating an audio induction loop field that a telecoil receiver can pick up from anywhere in the looped area. Most hearing aids and implants are compatible with this system. Individuals need to be sure they know how to trigger their telecoil. (82% of aids and 100% of implants have a built-in telecoil.)


Therefore, Hearing Loops are certainly recommendable in public spaces.


A user-focused method founded on each area's requirements will specify and provide a loop system with a faultless listening experience.


The Hearing Enhancement System by the Listening Lab is the most professional AV distributor and sole provider of Induction Loops and Assistive Listening Technology Systems in Singapore. Please call +65 6817 5100 or contact us if you have any questions about the possibility of installing a hearing loop in your community.

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